Organizations that utilize video and digital assets in large quantities can find that post-production takes entirely too long. Video is lost when it’s not stored properly, or when technical issues occur. Organizations with legacy format assets like VHS might feel overwhelmed trying to find the best way to manage and transcode video.

VIAVault makes every step of video post-production faster, easier, and more secure than ever.

Acquire, transcode, locate, archive, and deliver video and digital assets simply.  Our DAM system, VIAVault, allows you to automate and secure the majority of your video post-production process. Access any of your video and digital assets from a central platform with an intuitive user interface. Edit video with your favorite editing suite. Share your video with the right audience, at the right time.

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VIAVault allows footage to be automatically ingested, and placed into a secure, redundant
disk-based storage environment. VIAVault accepts popular memory card formats including
SDHC, P2, SxS and many others.

VIAVault automatically encodes ingested footage to formats best suited for your non-linear
editing suites. Support for Apple Final Cut, Adobe After Effects and Premier, Sony Vegas, and
Newtek SpeedEdit are available.

VIAVault automatically meta-tags your footage upon ingest. Items such as date, time, duration
and thumbnails are included. You can add metadata fields and locally or remotely browse or
search the files through a simple and secure web-based interface. Ingested media can also be
accessed via FTP.

VIAVault automatically retains your footage within its high-capacity, secure storage system.
Hours of footage are instantly stored, retrievable and protected from mechanical failures — all
in a single location.

VIAVault creates a MPEG 4 proxy video of all ingested media. You can play the proxy video in
the pop-up player window. VIAVault allows playback of any stored clip via many OSX or
Windows players.

Why Pick VIAVault?


No matter what format your video is saved in or which editing suite you prefer, VIAVault puts you in control. VIAVault offers a wide variety of video ingest options, compatibilities, and delivery methods. VIAVault can help with everything from converting and managing legacy formats like VHS, to modern HD video.


VIAVault’s access control features let you determine who can view content depending on your needs. Let certain users view limited content, while others can view or edit anything. Your video is automatically saved in a redundant environment, also, protecting you in case of an emergency.


Whether you’re delivering live video to a large audience, or offering on-demand assets to a limited crowd, with VIAVault, you can monitor your digital assets’ performance. Find out a wide variety of insights about your audience’s viewing preferences.


Access and manage your video from any device, anywhere. You and your audience will enjoy the ease of VIAVault’s web-based interface.

Find out about all of VIAVault’s features and capabilities.